Our Story

How did Kiray come to be?

Founders Max and James have been friends from a young age, and shared a frustration at how lots of large companies treat the environment. They also shared a passion for street wear, and combining these, Kiray was born.

Where does the name Kiray come from?

The name Kiray is inspired by the Japanese word 'kirei' which can be translated as beautiful, as well as clean. We loved this word as a way to refer to our brand as it coincides with our goals of creating beautiful clothing whilst keeping the earth clean.

A few words from...

Max: "For me personally, I've always wanted to have a lasting impact on the things I am passionate about - the environment being one of them. Living a short distance from central London, I see the best of both worlds; there is access to lots of greenery, but also to the busy city centre. Having this access I have been in touch with nature my whole life and I hate to see it harmed."

James: "I believe we all need to further appreciate what the world provides us. We go about our days letting little things bring us down. I wanted to produce a product that not only gives back to the world but also is a reminder for us as individuals to be grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds us."