Here at Kiray our goal is to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brand in the world. While we admit we are not quite there yet, we are doing what we can.

For every product sold, we plant a tree. Not only do trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they also regulate the movement of water through local ecosystems and cool the local climate. Trees also protect biodiversity as the majority of animal and plant life on land resides in forests.

We use only sustainable materials in all of our products. Organic cotton uses natural fertilisers rather than toxic ones which emit greenhouse gases and harm the local environment. As well as this, organic cotton has 90% less water consumption than conventional cotton. We also have recycled polyester in our hoodies.

Our inks are vegan and eco-friendly. They contain no toxins and are OEKO-TEX® certified. No animal by-products are used in our inks, and no animal testing was used to create our inks.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Your order will be shipped in a weatherproof, kraft paper mailing bag.

All products are produced in fair working conditions. To us, fair pay and conditions to the workers who work in factories are of paramount importance. We have therefore taken the necessary action in order to ensure this is the case in the factories of our suppliers.

 Now and in the future, Kiray will work hard to begin new sustainability initiatives in order to work towards our goal of being the most environmentally friendly company on the planet.